Internet works even if it is in blocked state (Block everything).

Problem description

Surfblocker is in Block everything state, however you are still able to browse any website and use any Internet program.

This is most likely because some other program is blocking Surfblocker and preventing it from providing the service. You should find out which program is causing the problem. Usually it is a system security or networking tool. Please follow these steps.

1. Double-check your settings

Remove everything under Exceptions just to make sure that settings are not the cause of this problem. If the problem persists, follow the next step.

2. Disable all programs of the following types

Restart your computer and check whether the problem is solved.

3. Completely uninstall following programs

Note: Cisco Security Agent and some web content filtering systems are currently known to conflict with Surfblocker.

Restart your computer after each uninstall and check whether the problem is solved.

4. Submit Surfblocker debugging info to Blumentals Software

If the problem persists, you will have to generate and send us advanced debugging info. The debugging option is hidden from regular users, thus you will have to enable it. Follow these steps.

  1. In the Settings window, open Options.
  2. Press Ctrl + Shift + F12.
  3. In the Options tab, check – Collect debug info.
  4. Click OK and restart your computer.
  5. After the restart try disabling the internet and accessing any internet resources.
  6. Send us a zipped copy of the following file c:\iprot.log